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a radio play performance, 2021

stereo / Dutch spoken / 38:22 minutes

The imaginary city of V.






A man likes to look at people in his city. He specifically loves one woman. Even though he has never met her, he loves her from the image of her in his head.


At dusk, during this intimate and individual listening experience, the spectator's personal living environment will play the leading role in what unfolds before him. Urban space forms a dramaturgical narrative, whereby sound becomes the means of perceiving your fellow man and reflecting on your city in times of a global pandemic. What to do with the longing for someone else?

In each of the different cities where the performance took place, we specifically invited a city-linked photographer make a series of 5 images; how do they view their city just after experiencing V.? A selection from their body of works:







V. has been specifically developed for the digital version of the Moving Futures Festival 2021.


The nature of Karel's work invites spectators to look at physicality with an open and sensory view. Normally, STRANGER would be seen during the originally planned traveling festival. Karel decided not to digitize this performance. The abducting of work made for the theater or museum space to another medium, the digital space, does not provide the true context to look at this work, which was specifically made to be experienced live. Instead, he saw the change from a physical to a digital festival as an opportunity to reinterpret an earlier work.


What happens to a work if a viewer can determine his own space for the moment of the performance and thus partially takes over his role as a maker? How does this change the dynamic relationship between himself as the maker, the spectator, and their (imaginary) space?






Concept, text and voice, Karel Tuytschaever

Voice, Ariane Van Vliet

Sound scenery, Diederik De Cock

Co-produced by DansBrabant & Moving Futures Festival

With the support of WALPURGIS


The première took place on april 23, 2021 during the online Moving Futures Festival, The Netherlands.

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