scenic images © joery erna

A man lives in the city.

He sits, he lies, he stands, he calls.
He looks.

He thinks, he talks, he imagines.
He looks.

He is restless.


TOM brings an intimate portrait of a man in a city, and is an ode to the art of looking.  

The performance stimulates the viewer to let go of his rational view and his own structured life and viewing codes. In this crossover, theater, visual art and sound blend into and reinforce each other.


TOM shows the intimacy and intensity of two male bodies in refined and seemingly simple imagery.



Luuk Weers, Karel Tuytschaever - Bodies

Karel Tuytschaever - Text and direction

Diederik De Cock - Sound design

Maaike Schuurmans - Dramaturgy

Lies Van Loock - Scenography

Jack Davey - Sculptural work

Chris Snik - Costume design and execution

Joery Erna - Photographer & image and light advice

Nienke Reehorst - Movement advice

Ariane Van Vliet - Text advice 

Koen De Smet - English translation performance text


KAAP, C-TAKT - Co-production

Makershuis Tilburg, DansBrabant, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, De WarandeZuidpool - In residence with and in collaboration with

WALPURGIS, ICK Amsterdam, Leonore Spee, Maarten Heijnens - Thanks to

With the financial support of the Flemish government


The performance premiered on 9 May, 2018 at Zuidpool, Antwerp.