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documentary film, 2021

16:9 / color / stereo / Dutch and English spoken, English subtitled / 30:00 minutes

Maisie Woodford, Gaia Macaluso, Remi Busschaert, Elise Ghys, Manon Campion, Joshua Pinchon Jones in a fragment of The future dance artist now


The Bachelor Dance department at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, asked Karel to make an audio-visual work about the current programme. As a teacher and mentor, Karel knows the daily habitat inside out. He followed three students during their daily training for one month, and created a sincere image from the heart of the practice, a look into the studios with the students. This film contributes to a process of critical reflection executed for an international review of the Bachelor Dance programme in march 2021.

THE FUTURE DANCE ARTIST NOW is a personal portrait of education in motion.



with Martha Gardner, Raphael Damasceno Ferreira de Moura, and Maisie Woodford


Script, production, camera, editing, voice-over, and direction, Karel Tuytschaever

Assistance and color grading, Joery Erna

Thanks to Greet Boterman, Judith Clijsters, Yasemin Kandemir, Tijen Lawton, Anouk Llaurens, Rakesh Sukesh, Liese Stuer,

Bart Van Bulck, Goele Van Dijck, Geneviève Van Quaquebeke, Tony Vezich & all the students and staff of the dance department

Special thanks to Natalie Gordon, Nienke Reehorst and Iris Terclaevers

Comissioned by AP Hogeschool / Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Co-produced by BARRY

With the support of De Vlaamse overheid




The film premiered on February 8, 2021 at the Next doors festival, Antwerpen. Since then, the film is to be seen online.

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