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8 channel sound installation, accompanied by a sculptural work and a single-channel video, 2016

38:59 minutes


Ariane Van Vliet and Karel Tuytschaever in an audio fragment of Nacht [Night]


Two lovers never see each other.

They only know each other’s voices.

They make love over the telephone.

As if shipwrecked by love, they yearn for a life in the city, without loneliness.

What is reality, what is fiction?


NACHT [NIGHT] is an intimate radio play of the senses. The spectator’s ear replaces the visual imagination.



Voice, Ariane Van Vliet and Karel Tuytschaever

Bodies in the video, Victor Dumont, Viktor De Greef


Concept, text and direction, Karel Tuytschaever

Sound design, Diederik De Cock

Dramaturgical advice, Maaike Schuurmans

Scenographic advice and execution, Lies Van Loock

Sculptural work, Jack Davey



D.O.P., Maxime Desmet

Focus puller, Hannes Bruyneel

Assistant of director, Arber Aliaj

Gaffer, Lothar Legon

Electro, Edward Populaire

Set design and execution, Ruth Peeters

Costume design and execution, Chris Snik

Make-up and hair, Labhise Allara Mandango Ciratu

Executive producer on location, Kaat Haest

In residence with and in collaboration with WALPURGIS

Thanks to Daniel Andresen, Katrien De Greef en Maud Kuypers



NACHT [NIGHT] opened on 23 September 2016 at Kunstenhuis deFENIKS, Antwerp, in FENIKS festival. 

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