As a maker, Karel starts working intensely with movement. EMPTY is his first dance piece.


Karel starts as a lecturer at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. To date, he mentors there and gives acting classes for the dance department and body awareness classes for all drama students.

There is a high level of curiosity to apply language as accurately as possible. He rediscovers the power of silence between words as he picked up writing himself.


The need grows for examining the identity of the performer’s body, whatever the discipline is.


A triptych develops, which can be seen as a first hinge point. The methodology resulting from it starts to be the blueprint in Karel's way of working. The research project and the triptych are completed with the explanatory publication CUT THE CRAP.

As a core member, he is part of the Erasmus+ research project Rethinking bodies: the transferable skills of the dance artist (2014 - 2017), which was initiated with partners in higher dance education Fontys (NL), Duncan Centre Conservatory (CZ) and NSCD (UK). This research redefines the vision of the body in contemporary dance, with themes as Inclusive Dance and Movement practice and Re-designing spaces.




















Karel co-works on the design of Common Ground, an annual interdisciplinary research week across all departments of the School of Arts, Antwerp (Royal Conservatoire and Royal Academy of Fine Arts). The meeting and collaboration between art students in their own developed projects - outside of the curriculum - are central to this.


As a maker, a new study starts for his own work, namely that of looking at the framed body. Contrary to the use of the identity of the performing body as a communication tool, it now concerns the framework and the associations with the image in which the performing body is set.

Sound is examined as a frame when looking at bodies as a one-year artist in residence at music theatre company WALPURGIS (BE). The radio play installation NACHT [NIGHT] gives shape to this discovery.


With Jesse Vanhoeck, dramaturge and artistic assistant at ICK Amsterdam (NL), Karel starts a letter correspondence about the social body, in the online magazine Body in revolt.


Karel can develop as new maker for one year at Makershuis Tilburg (NL), the cooperation platform for development in the performing arts, of DansBrabant, De NWE Vorst, Festival Circolo, Theaters Tilburg and Het Zuidelijk Toneel.


An artistic trajectory takes off as part of C-TAKT (BE), a platform for transdisciplinary talent that supports artists who cannot be easily categorized.


The performance TOM questions viewing codes and initiates another code, aiming for exposing our contemporary communication habits, which are more and more virtual, in the theatrical space. It examines the relationship between communication and the necessary physicality - because without the body we cannot communicate (in the arts). TOM forms a second pivot point in Karel’s journey as a maker.


The publication BARELY IN SPACE provides context by combining different perspectives on the work of BARRY and having a dialogue together.

Selected by Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK Amsterdam (NL), Karel is part of the New Adventures residency program.

Karel becomes a maker at DansBrabant (NL), with whom he will collaborate in a long-term partnership.

Karel starts as a researcher in the arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, with the support of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. His research transfers his vision on what sincere embodiment within performative art is to the visual arts. He aims to find new intermedial relationships and forms for the future.