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From September 2019 to September 2020, Karel put his body at the service of the practice of portrait makers from the 2D and 3D visual arts. He asked them all the same question: Would you like to make a portrait that is a truly embodied portrait of me, seen through your eyes?


Karel then takes these portraits as source material to focus for a year on creating a genuinely embodied self-portrait in the theater space, his first solo performance. In Zuidpool (BE) he residents a month to start this process with focus and care. He thinks about and writes about the transition from the 2D image to the 3D space, as well as about the relationship with the viewer.


He chooses to share his artistic process in a deeply personal way. Not virtually, not live, but physically. He creates a unique limited publication that his future viewer will receive by post. The future viewer is invited to be of significance in the further course of the creation of his self-portrait.



Language: DU / 16 p.

Texts and self-portraits, Karel Tuytschaever



The publication has an edition of 25 copies and is sold out.

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