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single-channel video installation accompanied by letters, 2017 

colour / stereo / 10:01 minutes, in a loop

Daan Jaartsveld in a fragment of Ghost boy

What is your relationship with your own body?

Is the body actively acting, or merely a carrier?

What if you are in the service of your own body?

What is the impact of a physical profession on your own intimacy?


As a performer, Karel often experiences a sense of emotional prostitution. After all, you give what the audience needs. As a result, he wondered how a male sex worker experiences his physical task. He, therefore, engaged in a correspondence with male sex workers from various Belgian cities. Karel puts their world next to that of a dancer. What binds them is the question of how it feels when your body navigates between being the object and/or the subject?


GHOST BOY looks for the moment that the intimacy of the performer becomes the viewer’s intimacy.



A body of a performer that is part of an image is merely considered as an object by the artist. That body is a working tool. At the time the artist lets the audience look at the same image, that same captured body becomes immediately a subject. The desire to look into the soul of the artist, says something about the viewer in particular.


But how does the artist experience that body?


According to Karel, the vigor of the (male) body derives its power on what is not shown. What is not communicated. What is concealed? Karel is intrigued by the diversity of the male nude form and wants to explore intimacy and sexuality with an honest eye and without judgment.



Embodied by Daan Jaartsveld

Text, script, direction and editing, Karel Tuytschaever

Scenographic advice and execution, Lies Van Loock

With the support of KAAP, Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, Makershuis Tilburg 

Thanks to Juicy IJsselmuiden, Boysproject Antwerp


The première took place on may 6, 2017 during the literature festival Bru-taal, Brugge. 

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