The magazine CUT THE CRAP is the result of Karel’s research on Body and identity. This research took shape in a triptych. Each part can be seen as an autonomous creation and starts from a different theme: the loving body (the film Bare Romance), the unfaithful body (the drama text De zoon [the son]) and the identity-free body (the essay De anatomie van het identiteitsloos lichaam [the anatomy of the identity-free body]).


Apart from Karel’s drama text and essay CUT THE CRAP also includes an essay written by actress and writer Clara van den Broek. She followed Karel during his entire research and shares an appealing, intimate view on both Karel’s life and work.

The magazine also adds unique pictures portraying Karel’s year of research, along with contributions by others. 



Language: DU / 100 p. / ISBN 978-1-32-014333-2

Texts, Kaat Haest, Clara van den Broek, Bart Moeyaert, Anne Schütt, Karel Tuytschaever, Petra Damen, Marc Bryssinck, Peter De Graef, Frauke Mariën, Bart Van den Eynde, Hilde Wils, Christine Rouneau 

Images, Jean Bernard Koeman, Louise De Groef, Koen Broos, Stephan Vanfleteren, Karel Tuytschaever, Hertog Nadler



The magazine is printed in a limited edition of 350 copies and is currently no longer available.

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