This call opens the pre-production process of Karel Tuytschaever's new film EASY TIGER. 

In this way, BARRY hopes to get in touch with unknown and/or interested performers.

As a maker, Karel approaches the human body for each new work from a different thematic point of view. EASY TIGER focuses on the cross-border body and explores the dark corners and boundaries of identity construction.

Currently, the recording period of 9 days is scheduled towards the end of summer 2020.















Please send your application to
Deadline to respond: April 26, 2020.


It should contain your CV + a concise motivation + 2 pictures (a portrait and a full-length photo) + (a) link(s) to a showreel and / or other online video material.


Everyone who responded to the call will receive a reply at the beginning of May, in which you will be possibly invited for camera tests for the film. Subject to changes in the Covid-19 measures, camera tests are currently scheduled for early June.

Those that have not been retained for the film may be contacted in the future while when BARRY is in search for performers for other creations.

We are looking for actors, physical performers and dancers (m / f / x).

→    Between the ages of 21 and 45 years.
→    All types of bodies and languages welcome.
→    Living in Belgium or abroad.
→    The performers must be open to approach a deeper personal, 
        emotional, intimate level - which is essential for the work.
→    The film will contain nudity.

    © BARRY 



When a prominent psychologist unexpectedly falls in love with his male patient, their encounter pushes the personal boundaries of the man towards an extreme inability to understand and embrace his own human needs.

Where the true nature of bodies is entangled in the culture of city life, the film explores a man looking for himself through a real and insurmountable romance.

Interested in seeing the previous film? You can watch it here.