For decades bodies in an image have been interpreted by the viewer, placed in a context and provided with opinion. Looking is always accompanied by perspective. Who is looking and from which position? Karel writes from his research and individual view as a maker on the body in the arts. Starting from his ideas about that body, he gives an insight into how he uses bodies in his own work.


In times of visual deluge, the readability of consciously created body images quickly disappears. Within his journey as a maker, Karel observes the reality of his body images and provides context by putting them in focus with words.

A number of relatives were asked to add their perspective to the publication. Each of them contributes to the expansion of the sensory vocabulary about the oeuvre.

All insights come together in BARELY IN SPACE and form a dialogue that invites the viewer to look in another way at the bodies in BARRY’s work: see some body different.



Language: DU / 108 p. 

Texts, Ilona Roesli, Petra Damen, Marijn Lems, Assia Bert, Jesse Vanhoeck, Karel Tuytschaever, Smila Zinecker, Anneke van der Linden 

Images, BARRY, Alwin Poiana, Joery Erna 


The publication is printed in a limited edition of 150 copies and is on sale via mail.


For sale at 12 euro per copy + shipping costs.

Publication image, made by Joery Erna