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fiction film, 2014

16:9 / colour / stereo / Dutch spoken, English subtitled​ / 29:53 minutes

Victor Dumont in a fragment of Bare romance




A woman waits for the arrival of a man. They don't know each other. The only thing that unites them is the appointment to meet and to use each other. In an empty house in a forest, they are confronted with their search for love, and with their ambivalent sexuality. 


BARE ROMANCE shows the minimalist, raw aesthetic of the beloved body.


Karel has imposed a number of guidelines on himself within which BARE ROMANCE has been established:

1. I will never tell my actors what they have to do, just what they have to be.

2. I will never rehearse too much. If the first time is good, I will always keep the first, even if it is contrary to what I wanted or expected.

3. I will choose only one subject per scene, so I cannot escape from focusing.

4. In what I do, I never think about good or bad. The only bad thing you can do as an artist is being untruthful.

5. I have not the intention to create a new way of making cinema. I’m making it for myself. I want to go beyond anything I have done before.

6. The power shift in a physical relationship will be the subject of the film in a pure sense. More than showing physical love.

7. The depth of a character is the depth of its sincerity.

8. I take sexuality as a subject, not as an object.





Man, Victor Dumont

Woman, Giada Castioni

Man one, Viktor De Greef

Man two, Kasper Vandenberghe

Script, direction and editing, Karel Tuytschaever

D.O.P., Maxime Desmet

Focus Puller, Hannes Bruyneel

Assistant of director, Arber Aliaj

Managing director, Evy De Ceur

Gaffer, Lothar Legon

Electro, Edward  Populaire

Set design and props, Ruth Peeters

Costume design and execution, Chris Snik

Lingerie design and execution, Judith Van Herck

Make-up and hair, Labhise Allara Mandango Ciratu

Runner, Alban Sarens

Set photographer, Louise De Groef


Sound design, Diederik De Cock

Sound mixing, Frederik Van De Moortel

Foley artist, Elias Vervecken

Foley Recordist, Stijn Jacobs

Recording Studio, Gonzo

Breath and voice man, Karel Tuytschaever

Breath and voice woman, Ruth Becquart

Colorist, Ben De Raes

Subtitles, Louise De Groef

English translation, Elisabeth ‘Libby’ Ward


In coproduction with Kris De Meester & Calling Elvis

Executive producer, Kaat Haest

The film received development-oriented support from the Flemish government.


The film premiered on October 11, 2014, at HETPALEIS, Antwerp. After 6 years of traveling to festivals, since March 20, 2020, the film is to be seen online.



2017, The United States, LA Underground Film Forum, 

Honorable mention 

2017, France, Martinique International Film Festival,

Best narrative short film 


​2017, India, Indian World Film Festival,

Best director

2017, The United Kingdom, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards,

Best direction of the season 

2015, Australia, Sydney World Film Festival,

Best narrative short film 

2015, The United Kingdom, The monthly film festival,

Best cinematographer 

2015, India, Indian Cine Film Festival,

Special festival mention 

2015, India, Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival,

Special mention jury

2015, India, Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival,

Special festival mention 

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