BARRY is the platform for the work by performer, lecturer and maker Karel Tuytschaever. The resulting hybrid body of works contains (dance) performances, as well as installations, drama texts, publications and films.

BARRY questions the ways one can observe bodies within the various kinds of arts. He is captured by a body’s way of working in the performing arts; and the chasm that exists between the reality of this body and the presentation of it through the design of a moving image, fascinates him.

How intimate could a body be when shared with the world? And how does one depict it at its purest, within an arranged moment of looking?

BARRY starts for each work from a different thematic body, and explores bodies according to principles of identity, always taking intimacy as the denominator.

The works move between disciplines such as sound art, visual and performing art. They stimulate each other and always look out for a new form and relation. Across disciplines, the creations are characterized by a specific way in which the body is approached in the works.

The imagery makes space & time as well as structure and sculpture imperatively present, leaving the viewer no other choice than to deal with it. As like with the bodies that are brought on stage.

BARRY invites the viewer to look with an open mind, in receptivity. Not as in the kind of work where you forget yourself as a spectator, but rather the kind that takes you on a journey while allowing you to remind you of yourself all the way through.

BARRY may be seen as Karel’s fictional body.



Karel Tuytschaever - Artistic direction

Petra Damen - Chairman of the Executive Board 

Lot Wildemeersch - Board of Directors

Ilse Muysers - Board of Directors 

Koen Vermesen - Board of Directors

Koen De Smet - English translation website texts


BARRY - Karel Tuytschaever has been working in a long-term partnership with DansBrabant (NL) since 2019.