Platform BARRY is inspired by actor, lecturer and researcher in the arts Karel Tuytschaever, founded in 2015 from the need to create an environment in which his hybrid own work can be developed, created and spread. In his artistic and reflective practice, Karel explores what sincere embodiment within the arts can be and mean.

The body of works moves between visual, sound and performative art. They stimulate each other and are always looking for new intermedial forms and relationships. Starting from the craft, with respect for tradition, and with an eye for new compositions and inclusive developments.

Through his works, Karel asks questions about how you can look at bodies. He is fascinated by how a body is displayed in images, the gap between the reality of that body and the showing of it in a designed image. Across disciplines, the creations are characterized by a specific way in which Karel approaches and visualizes the performer's body. Looking at is continuously (re)defined with and through each creation.

How intimate can a body be when you share it with the world? What is the intimate reality of a body, and how do you make depicting it as pure as possible at an agreed time of viewing?


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BARRY - Karel Tuytschaever (BE) has been working in a long-term partnership with DansBrabant (NL) since 2019.


Heleen Volman, internationalization:

We choose to work with Karel Tuytschaever for his tireless and carefully substantiated quest around body, physicality, and embodiment. In doing so, he finds a tone that links the timeless aspects of the body to extremely current trends in imaging. Karel's curiosity about the interaction between different disciplines and the impact of various presentation forms and spaces stretches the scope of the arts. The hunger with which he summarizes his study of the body in publications is also stimulating. He shares the importance that he attaches to looking and having it looked so generously that there is actually more to see with him.


BARRY also regularly collaborates with and is supported by C-TAKTZuidpool (BE) and ICK Amsterdam (NL).




Artistic initiator, Karel Tuytschaever

Board of Directors, Petra Damen (chairwoman)Ilse Muysers, Tine Marguillier, Flore Opsomer and Toon Geysen

Editorial office website, Lisa Reinheimer and Dirk Verhoeven

English translation, Koen De Smet