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film installation, 2019

4:3 / colour / stereo / Dutch spoken, English subtitled / 12:53 minutes

Laurent Delom de Mézerac in a fragment of A sitting man






To what extent does the current visual culture influence our image of man?

Fundamental questions about the relationship between physicality, nature and digital image culture arise. This experimental film investigates the male body image in his intimate space, and at the same time the associated concept of social representation.



with Laurent Delom de Mézerac


Script, direction and editing, Karel Tuytschaever

D.O.P., Joery Erna

Sound design, Frederik Van de Moortel

Costume, Chris Snik

Visual effects, Arno Ringoet

Foley artist, Elias Vervecken

Foley recordist, Stéphane Werner

FX makeup artist, Labhise Allara Mandango Ciratu

Ceramics, Kachiri Faes

Graphic design for ceramics, Jeroen Los


Thanks to Schippers&VanGucht, Rec’N Roll studio, Nicolas Baeyens / Koninklijke Academie voor Schone kunsten Antwerpen

Co-produced by DansBrabant

With the support of ICK




The film installation premiered on October 25, 2019 at the ICK FEST, Amsterdam.

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