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a radio play accompanied by a 2-channel video installation, 2021

colour / stereo / Dutch & English spoken, English subtitled / 24:29 minutes, in a loop

A selection of 4 of the 36 portraits of 36



Installation detail of the setup 

What can a portrait mean or make possible? 

From September 2020 to June 2021, Karel put his body at the service of 2D and 3D visual artists. He asked all of them the same question: "Would you like to make a portrait that you believe is a truly embodied portrait of me, seen through your eyes?" Karel makes 36 encounters between him and portrait artists shareable in a voice & video installation: 36. 


36 is the prologue to a solo installation-performance that will follow afterward.

Karel researches portrait-making as part of his two-year research project; The transparent body. With his background in the performative arts, he wants to gain insights into the way visual artists look at bodies today.


Concept, text, edit, voice, Karel Tuytschaever

Sculpture and painting photography, Joery Erna

English editor, Martha Gardner

Portraits made by Jack Davey, Senne Roekens, Chris Snik, Robert Soroko, Anna Sastré Garcia, Bruno Ledeyt, Rochus Marr, Cisse Royens, Yorgos Maraziotis, Alexandra Panoutsopoulou, Jente De Graef, Jill Bertels, Olivier De Vos, Joery Erna, Glenn Cox, Barbara Vandendriesche, Eva van Aken, Stefanie de Bakker, Gina Siliquini, Assia Bert, Axelle Van Meel, Saverio Sammartino, Sam Beddegenoodts, Giulia Cauti, Daria-Ana Oprean, Sarah Kirchner, Charlotte Hannes, Kris Meeusen and Yanis Berrewaerts.

Thanks to, Ingrid Leonard / FOMU, Piet Van Hecke / M HKA & Katleen Vinck

Special thanks to research group Body and Material Reinvented, Roel Arkesteijn & Ria De Boodt


Co-produced by Royal Academy of Fine arts, Antwerp / AP Hogeschool, C-TAKT and DansBrabant

In residency at DansBrabant, Zuidpool and C-TAKT



36 opened on 7 September 2021 at C-Mine, Genk, during the C-TAKT festival. 

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