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PLATFORM BARRY (est. 2015) is an organically evolving and safe environment, home to the artistic research and personal work of actor Karel Tuytschaever.


As a maker, he is mesmerised by physicality and embodiment in the arts. Physicality in terms of the relationship a person has with their own body. Embodiment; how one deploys their body as an artist to be part of, or arrive at, creating a work. 


Karel explores intimacy as a practice of pursuing a more authentic and honest embodiment within the arts. Intimate connections don't come fast and in numbers. Therefore, his artistry is founded on a trust-building methodology of respectful and reciprocal encounters with his performers and collaborators. Employing a long-term rethinking of how to approach the use of choreography, text and lens-based media, Karel investigates an embodied practice of relating physicality to image-making.


A selected work to discover

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